Scouts 16/03/18 Bowling

Meet at Bicester Bowl at 5.55pm, collect at-7pm. Wear Scout polo and Scout fleece. Scouts do not need to wear their neckerchief or uniform trousers; jeans, jogging bottoms etc are fine. Our package includes 2 games and a drink, so the Scouts should not bring any extra money with them.

Beavers & Cubs 14/03/18

As the weather is forecast to be quite cold on Wednesday, we are only going to meet for an hour from 6.15 -7.15. If we have to cancel due to bad weather, we will update here and our facebook page and will also contact parents by email after 4pm on the day. They will need old warm clothes, hat, gloves and wellington boots or old trainers. Bring a small torch.

Beavers & Cubs 07/03/18


Please don’t forget we are testing the Beaver badges tomorrow. To gain a badge the Beavers need to show that they have put in some time and effort, so we are expecting to see either a drawing or one or two sentences for each badge (depending on age and ability), as well as the bits they want to show or talk about.

for example

Animal friend:  Keep a note of how you have looked after the animal for two weeks – either drawing, writing short sentence or captions for their photos. 

Collector: a picture or sentence about their favourite object, or a list of their collection

Sports: write a sentence or draw a picture of themselves playing the sport, or write captions for their photos.

Hobbies: either a sentence about why they enjoy it or a drawing of themselves doing it or captions for the photos.


Please don’t forget to bring a named board game, that your child knows how to play.

We are also testing Animal Carer, Book Reader, My Faith, Hobbies, Collector, Physical Recreation or Martial Arts. To gain a Cub badge, the Cubs need to have spent time and effort on it, so we are expecting to see evidence of this with either some writing (a couple of sentences), drawing or labeled photos for each badge as well as the bits they want to show.