Oxfordshire Scouts Easter Camp 10th – 13th April 2020
We are encouraging all Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Network members and Adult leaders/supporters to celebrate scouting by joining together in one huge camp. 

How can we do this with the current restrictions that we are all facing, you may ask? 
Well, for one night only over the Easter weekend, we’re asking everyone to camp in their own back garden with members of their home, in a tent. If they don’t have a tent, they can create their own shelter with a waterproof sheet. The sort of thing Bear Grylls would be proud of. 🙂
Alternatively, they can ‘camp’ inside their own home by creating a den. The more creative, the better. 
Don’t forget to take photos/film of yourselves camping, so that we can post them on our social media outlets.  
You’ll be able to see other members camping all over the county via the following; 
Facebook page: Oxfordshire Scouting 
Twitter: @OxonScouts 
Instagram: oxonscouts 
YouTube: Oxon Scouting 
We want to get as many of you all involved in this event as possible. To register click on the link below; 
  Full Terms and Conditions can be downloaded here, download the poster to display in your window here.

Kind Regards, 
The County Team