MEETINGS now on Zoom Wednesday’s 6:15 to 6:45.

Normally meet on a Wednesday from 6:15 to 7:30.

Beaver Promise 

Where do those badges go?

April 29th

The next activity badge for the beavers is the Book Reader.
Part 1:
+ Design a cover for your favourite book.
+ Read at least 6 books (e-books count as well) and make a list of the books you read.
Please take a photo of the book cover and your list of books and email it to me, so I can keep a record of who has completed it.
April 22nd
Design your own football shirt; This can either be for an imaginary team, or you enter the Scout competition to design a new shirt for Manchester United. Details on,114JR,3D5907,3XC3L,1
The page was written for Leaders to do with the group and has not been updated. If your son/daughter wishes to enter the Manchester United competition, please send their design directly to the address given. (section means Beavers or Cubs and our Group is 7th Bicester)     
Week 3
Here are two more optional activity ideas.
The first activity is to make an Easter card, the Beavers can design their own or use one of the ideas attached. Once they have made the Easter card, they may like to send it to a relative, friend or a neighbour that is elderly or on their own. This is part of the My World Challenge badge (the red badges that go on the front of the Beavers uniform). Please email us a photo. You may also like to post a photo of the card on our 7th Bicester Scout facebook page, but as it is not a closed group, please dont include your child in the photo.
They may also like to work on their Photography badge
  1. Show how to use a camera to take a good photograph. (They can explain this to you)
  2. Take 10 or more photos and email these to Clare . Why do you like these photos? What made you take them?
  3. Make something using photos you have taken.

    You could make a:

    • card
    • calendar
    • poster
    • scrapbook
I look forward to hearing about what you have done!

Week 2

This week we challenge you to get active. You will need a timer and a large space, you may need to move things in your living room or go outside in your garden.
How many star jumps can you do in a minute?
How many push ups can you do in a minute?
How many toe touches can you do in a minute?
How many bunny jumps can you do in a minute?
Find a step and do step ups. How many steps can you do in a minute?
You could always challenge your siblings or parents, who can do more? why not try to do this every day and see if you can improve.
Have fun and stay safe,
Week 1
If Beavers would like to work on a badge at home, please try the Beaver Builder Activity badge this week.
  1. Design a model of something you would like to build. The design can be on paper or a computer.
  2. Make a list of all the things you are going to need to build your idea. (This can a written list or in pictures, but should be completed by the Beaver Scout, not an adult, although they can have help with spelling)
  3. Build your idea using the things you need. Your model could be made using lego, meccano, etc. or recycled items such as toilet roll tubes or cardboard boxes. It should be their own design, not following instructions supplied with the kit.
  4. Write (or dictate to an adult/older sibling) a short report about the model design and build, including how long it took to finish, if anything went wrong and what you would change if you built it again. This would normally be a discussion with a leader, not a written report, so it can be written by an adult or older sibling, but should be in the Beavers Scout’s own words.
Please email Gillian photos of the Beaver’s design, finished model and short report, then we can present the badges when we re-start our meetings.

We will suggest an Activity badge or something they can do towards the Challenge badge each week, obviously it is not compulsory. Please don’t work on other badges at home. We normally cover lots of badges as part of our weekly programme and this will be difficult if the children have all completed different badges.