This term we anticipate that most of our meetings will be on zoom, supplemented with the occasional outdoor meeting. Zoom meetings will be at 6.00-6.30. Outdoor meetings will generally be at 5.45-6.30pm, with a second session at 6.00-6.45pm if required. Before each outdoor meeting, please check your emails to make sure it is still going ahead. We may have to cancel at very short notice due to bad weather, local lockdowns, a change to Scouting regulations etc. When possible we will post updates on our closed parents’ facebook page. If we have to cancel, we will try to re-arrange for another date but, as the Leaders will also be running Cub activities and can’t be with two bubbles on the same day, it may not be possible.

The activity packs contain craft materials for the zoom meetings. After each meeting, we will email instructions for the craft, so that Beavers who don’t like zoom, or who missed the meeting can still take part. Although it seems very unlikely at the moment, if Scout Readiness Levels change and we are can meet all the new requirements, we may be able to start some meetings inside. If this happens, the Beavers would need to bring their activity pack with them, so please don’t use the materials in advance!

Beaver Promise 

Where do those badges go?

7th Bicester Beavers provisional programme Autumn 2020

For each zoom meeting, Beavers need a pencil, paper, felt tips, scissors, sellotape and their activity pack.

26/27 Aug Outdoor meeting at 1st Bicester HQ, Ashdene Road. Bring hand sanitiser.
2/9 First Aid (zoom). We will be learning how to clean minor wounds and apply a plaster. The activity pack contains an out-of date plaster and wipe. They should not be used on broken skin. If you haven’t collected your pack, or would prefer to use your own plaster & wipe, please have this ready.
9/9 Save our seas (Zoom). If they haven’t collected their pack, they need an 8cm x 6 cm piece of greaseproof or tracing paper for a stained glass window, or a piece of white paper to draw on.
16/9 I Spy walk. Details to follow.
23/9 How can we look after nature? (Zoom)
30/9 Outdoor meeting. Details to follow
7/10 Find out about the Jewish festival of Sukkot (Zoom)
14/10 Autumn (zoom). Beavers may need your help with weaving!
21/10 Walk. Details to follow