Beaver Promise 

Where do those badges go?

This term we anticipate that most of our meetings will be on zoom, supplemented with the occasional outdoor meeting. Zoom meetings will be at 6.00-6.30. Outdoor meetings will generally be at 5.45-6.30pm, with a second session at 6.00-6.45pm if required. Before each outdoor meeting, please check your emails to make sure it is still going ahead. We may have to cancel at very short notice due to bad weather, local lockdowns, a change to Scouting regulations etc. When possible we will post updates on our closed parents’ facebook page. If we have to cancel, we will try to re-arrange for another date but, as the Leaders will also be running Cub activities and can’t be with two bubbles on the same day, it may not be possible.

The activity packs contain craft materials for the zoom meetings. After each meeting, we will email instructions for the craft, so that Beavers who don’t like zoom, or who missed the meeting can still take part. Although it seems very unlikely at the moment, if Scout Readiness Levels change and we are can meet all the new requirements, we may be able to start some meetings inside. If this happens, the Beavers would need to bring their activity pack with the

Provisional Program Equipment required.
6/1 Japan, famous for technology and robots.

Play a Japanese game and make a walking egg!

Beaver Activity Pack
13/1 Italy, cook a simple pizza for yourself and a family member. Recipe attached, parents provide ingredients and help as needed!
20/1 Find out about India and its wildlife. Activity Pack and scissors
27/1 Face to face meeting, if weather and regulations permit. More details to follow.
3/2 It’s almost time for Chinese New Year.

Explore some of the traditions and make a dragon puppet.

Dragon puppet printout  (to follow)

Felt tips, sellotape, scissors

10/2 Torch Walk (weather and regulations permitting). More Details to follow

We are doing our best to deliver a varied programme, so that the children keep up with their badge work but it is impossible to cover some of the activities on zoom!  Over the Christmas holidays, if possible, we would like the Beavers and Cubs to complete an hour’s outdoor activity for part of the Adventure Challenge, for example the 5 Km Blue Line walk, a Christmas lights walk (Langord Village has some good displays) or Street Tag, if your school is signed up.

The Beavers can also start working for their Hobbies Badge, if they would like to. We will test this in late February/ early March.

  1. Choose a hobby to take part in for at least six weeks.
  2. Show that you have stuck with your hobby. Show what you know about your hobby and the skills you have learned.
  3. Show and tell the Colony, your Lodge or leaders about your chosen hobby. Talk about what it is, why you enjoy it and what your favourite thing about it is.

Hobbies could include lego, photography, art, cooking, craft, board games, walking, running etc. If you’re not sure if something would count as a hobby, please email me. There are specific badges for reading, swimming and music