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Cub Promise

Where fo those badges go?

Badge to work on at home

April 29th

The next activity badge we are working on is the readers. 
Part 1:
+ Make a list of at least 6 books, and their authors, you have read or used recently (these can be e-books and should be of an appropriate level for the child) this should include at least 1 non-fiction and 1 fiction. 
+ Write 2 short book reviews.

April 22nd

Design your own football shirt; This can either be for an imaginary team, or you enter the Scout competition to design a new shirt for Manchester United. Details on,114JR,3D5907,3XC3L,1
The page was written for Leaders to do with the group and has not been updated. If your son/daughter wishes to enter the Manchester United competition, please send their design directly to the address given. (section means Beavers or Cubs and our Group is 7th Bicester)      

Week 3

Show that you know how to behave safely as a car passenger. 
Please discuss this with your son/daughter, then they can design a game to show they have understood. 
I have attached a game board for the game. They need to print this (or draw something similar). 
Next mark every third or fourth square with a star or other symbol such as a traffic light – these are going to be “chance” squares.
Cut squares of paper to be the chance cards – they need to be big enough to write on. 
On each chance card, write a behaviour and a consequence. These can be good or bad, for example 
“Undo your seatbelt while the car is moving. Go back 3 spaces” 
“Drop rubbish out of the window, miss a turn” 
“Played my music quietly, so it didn’t disturb the driver. Move forward 2”
If your child doesnt like writing, it is okay to do some of the writing for them, providing they are giving you the ideas. Play the game together and email me a photo showing some of the chance cards.

Week 2

Road safety badge part 2 
Tell a parent why it’s important to have different types of pedestrian crossing. Explain how to use them safely.
This site lists the different types. It is aimed at adults, so you may need to help your child with the reading.
Try this game to see what you have learnt so far;
Part 3 will follow next week.
Active Challenge. You will need a timer and a large space, you may need to move things in your living room or go outside in your garden.
How many star jumps can you do in a minute?
How many push ups can you do in a minute?
How many toe touches can you do in a minute?
How many bunny jumps can you do in a minute?
Find a step and do step ups. How many steps can you do in a minute?
You could always challenge your siblings or parents, who can do more?
Have fun and stay safe.

Week 1

Road safety badge part 1 (part 2 will follow next week)
  1. Draw and name 10 different traffic signs. (If your child finds it difficult to draw neatly, an adult/older sibling can draw the outlines of the circle/triangle/rectangle but the Cub should complete the rest.)     
  2. Design a poster about using the green cross code and play the road safety game on
Please take a photo of the road signs and poster and email it to me, so I can keep a record of who has completed it. When we return to Cubs, please bring in the paper copy, so we can make a display.
We will suggest an Activity badge or something they can do towards the Challenge badge each week, obviously it is not compulsory. Please don’t work on other badges at home. We normally cover lots of badges as part of our weekly programme and this will be difficult if the children have all completed different badges.