Scout Promise

Where do those badges go?

7th Bicester Scouts provisional programme

This term we anticipate that most of our meetings will be on zoom, supplemented with the occasional outdoor meeting.

Before each outdoor meeting, please check your emails to make sure it is still going ahead.

Zoom meetings will be at 7.00-7.30. Outdoor meeting sessions will vary according to the activity, but will generally be at 6.00-6.45pm & 7.00-7.45.

For each zoom meeting, Scouts need a pencil & paper.

The activity packs contain materials for some of the zoom meetings. After these meetings, we will email instructions for the activity, so that Scouts who don’t like zoom, or who missed the meeting can still take part. Although it seems very unlikely at the moment, if Scout Readiness Levels change and we are can meet all the new requirements, we may be able to start some meetings inside. If this happens, Scouts would need to bring their activity pack with them, so please don’t use the materials in advance!

Provisional Programme
8.1.21 Team Challenge. Scouts need their activity pack, a plate and a ruler.

6.45 -7.30pm

Bake your own pizza. Recipe attached. The recipe can be adapted to suit your family: bread flour gives the best result but you can use plain flour instead. You can use cheddar instead of mozzarella, any cooking oil instead of olive oil, dried mixed herbs instead of basil, garlic is optional and choose your own toppings.  There is a sachet of yeast in their activity pack. We will start earlier to give us a little extra time.  Please supervise as needed.
22.1.21 Learn a Scout skill – led by older scouts
29.1.21 Walk (weather and regulations permitting). More Details to follow
5.2.21 Zoom Scavenger hunt
12.2.21 Face to face meeting, if weather and regulations permit. More details to follow.
19.2.2 No meeting half term