Scout Promise

Where do those badges go?

7th Bicester Scouts provisional programme Autumn 2020

This term we anticipate that most of our meetings will be on zoom, supplemented with the occasional outdoor meeting.

Before each outdoor meeting, please check your emails to make sure it is still going ahead.

Zoom meetings will be at 7.00-7.30. Outdoor meeting sessions will vary according to the activity, but will generally be at 6.00-6.45pm & 7.00-7.45.

For each zoom meeting, Scouts need a pencil & paper.

The activity packs contain materials for some of the zoom meetings. After these meetings, we will email instructions for the activity, so that Scouts who don’t like zoom, or who missed the meeting can still take part. Although it seems very unlikely at the moment, if Scout Readiness Levels change and we are can meet all the new requirements, we may be able to start some meetings inside. If this happens, Scouts would need to bring their activity pack with them, so please don’t use the materials in advance!

28/8 Zoom. Mental wellbeing and kahoot. Please print the chatterbox template. Ideally Scouts need a second internet connected device, such as a phone, to access kahoot but they can do it as a pen & paper quiz.
4/9 Zoom. Scout skills – scouts need a neckerchief or triangular bandage & someone they can put a sling on!
11/9 Walk or cycle ride (12 spaces only, priority will be given to Scouts that did not participate in the last cycle). Details to follow. If we have to cancel, we will make the microwave cake this week instead, so please have the ingredients ready.
18/9 Zoom. Cooking – microwave mug cake (or walk if last week’s was cancelled).
25/9 Zoom. 7th’s Got Talent show. Scouts should prepare an item for this, lasting between 1 & 3 minutes. It could be a song, jokes, magic tricks, playing an instrument, reading a poem, puppet show, gymnastics, dance or martial arts demonstration (please risk assess this with your son/daughter first!). If they don’t want to participate, they can just watch but please encourage them to give it a go. Parents and siblings are also welcome to watch.
2/10 Outdoor meeting. Details to follow
9/10 Zoom. Patrol challenge to design the best balloon powered car. Materials in the activity pack
16/10 Compass Walk. Details to follow
23/10 Zoom. Make your own woggle. Materials in the activity pack