Meet every other Friday 6:15 to 7:45.

Scout Promise

Where do those badges go?   

Scout spring programme 2020


map and compass skills. January sleepover form and money due tonight.

Discuss personal physical challenge started last term.


scouts plus sleepover. We will plan, shop for and cook dinner.

If your child does not want to stay for the sleepover, please collect at 8.00.


Fair trade


hike & sleepover. More details to follow. Reply needed by 14th February


Bowling with the main troop. Meet at Bicester Bowl at 5.55, collect at 7pm. Wear Scout polo shirt or scout shirt, dark jogging bottoms (or similar), trainers and Scout fleece. The cost to parents is £2, with the remainder covered by subs. If your child would like to take part, please send in a non refundable payment of £2 cash in an envelope marked with  bowling and your child’s name by 14th February.


Shooting at Horley with the main troop: details to follow. Reply needed by 6/3


Easter challenges